ZURUN Galaxy Note 9 Replacement Battery - 4300mAh

ZURUN Galaxy Note 9 Replacement Battery - 4300mAh

The ZURUN Galaxy Note 9 Replacement Battery is a high-quality Lithium-polymer that comes with a sturdy connector and PCBA. With a 4300mAh capacity, it provides more power than the original, ensuring you get hours of battery life! Strictly tested for quality control by our staff, this battery comes with the highest level of security protections such as effective temperature control due to the Dual IC design that ensures your battery wouldn't fail. The battery also comes with a complete toolset to replace it easily without any professional help and guarantees perfect working!

  • Made from high-quality Lithium polymer battery, connector, and PCBA.
  • Dual IC design ensures effective temperature control.
  • Comes with a complete toolset for replacing the battery.

Compatibility -
Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960 N960V (Verizon), N960A (AT&T), N960T (T-Mobile), N960P (Sprint), N960U, N960F.

Package contains -
1 x Replacement Battery for Note 9
1 x Repair Tool Kit
1 x Adhesive strip

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