Ogodeal Replacement Internal Battery Kit for iPad Mini 1 (1st Generation iPad Mini)

Ogodeal Replacement Internal Battery Kit for iPad Mini 1

Ogodeal premium quality replaceable iPad mini battery is compatible with the iPad mini first generation. 
It’s made with top-rated A+ premium battery cells and provides you with a 4440mAh capacity. 
Uses the latest technology to make sure your battery serves you well, with 100% brand new 0 cycle technology, our battery is poised to give you enough battery time from a single charge. 
To get the best out of our battery replacement for iPad mini, you should endeavor to calibrate your newly installed iPad mini battery and this you can easily do by draining the battery below 5% and charging to 100% at least two or three times. This should boost its performance.
Our product also comes with a complete repair kit to help you replace your battery without any hassle. Remember, there multiple videos on YouTube you can use to make the process easy and hassle-free (Note: When removing the display, please pay attention to the LCD cable, it is very easy to break).
We recommend you to watch more relevant videos about replacing the battery on YouTube before you replaced it, or turn to a certified technician for assistance. 
In case your phone fails to power on after changing its faulty battery, do well to reinstall all cables and charge again for about 20 minutes.
For optimal performance, please endeavor to calibrate your newly installed battery: Do this by draining your battery below 5%, then charge uninterrupted to 100%, repeat for at least 3-5 times.
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Battery for iPad Mini A1454
Battery for iPad Mini A1455
Ogodeal offering you a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.