Best Replacement Battery For iPhone 6

Your iPhone can be like a lifeline – you can get in touch with people, view what your friends and family are up to, get your work done, and over all keep an eye on what’s happening around the world.

So it’s really sad when the battery runs out, because it feels like you’ve lost your very own personal assistant. But no reason to worry! We have curated a list of options to help extent the life of your battery for iPhone6.

Read below about replacement battery for iPhone 6. Alternately, you can also can buy battery cases for iPhone 6 to help extend the iPhone's battery.  

Daeta Battery Replacement for iPhone 6 – 1810mAh

The Daeta Battery Replacement for iPhone 6 comes with a complete tool kit to help replace the internal battery of the iPhone. It comes with – Pentalobe star screwdriver, Philips #000 screwdriver, SIM card ejector tool, microfiber cloth and two plastic prytools. This is a great option for when your iPhone’s original battery becomes over used and starts losing life quickly.

The replacement battery is high quality and has a zero cycle, with the same 1810mAh capacity as the OEM original one. It also comes with a 90-Day money back guarantee.

Stalion Strength Replacement Li-Ion Polymer Battery for iPhone 6 - 1810mAh

The Stalion Strength Replacement Li-Ion Polymer Battery for iPhone 6 is a Strength Replacement Battery that is a great replacement for internal batteries that have been over charged or dying battery cells. It works with A1549 and A1586 models, which are either GSM or CDMA.

With a battery capacity of 1810mAh, this Lithium Ion replacement battery for iPhone 6 has voltage of 3.82V and duration of 6.91Wh, and it is CE and ROHS certified. The tools needed for the replacement do not come with this kit and need to be bough separately. They may also require a slight amount of technical sills. It comes with a 24-month warranty from Stalion.

Original Apple Li-ion Internal Battery For iPhone 6 - 1810mAh

The Apple Li-ion Internal Battery For iPhone 6 is a branded and original replacement battery that works perfectly with the 6 model. It has enough power to charge the phone once over due to it 1810mAh capacity, which is the same as the original battery that comes with the iPhone 6. It is a zero cycle battery and has never been used.

The battery can be replaced easily, but does not come with the required tools to do so. You will either have to buy the tool set separately or take it to an Apple care center to get it changed properly.