Best Replacement Battery For iPhone 5

iPhone batteries work like any other – they discharge over time and their life gets shortened with usage. According to statistics, after 6 months of usage, the battery life decreases by about 10% to 20% and over time it starts discharging rapidly.

But just because your battery dies, doesn’t mean you need to change your phone! There are many replacement batteries available in the market that have an easy installation process and come with all the needed tools. The replacement process can be administered right at home and takes only a matter of minutes with minimal technical skills required.

Here is a list of the best replacement battery for iPhone 5.

DIYMOBILITY Internal Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 - 1440mAh

The DIYMOBILITY Internal Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 is a very cheap and quick solution for replacing an old or non-working battery. It is a 0 cycle replacement 3.8V 1440mAh lithium ion battery that works for the iPhone 5 only, GSM or CDMA, and does not work for the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. It supports the following iPhone 5 versions – A1428, A1429 and A1442.

The battery also comes with a complete handy tool kit that will help users in opening the phone and replacing the battery, as well as instructions to guide you. It also features a 30-day warranty from the seller.

TechAhead Replacement Battery for iPhone 5

The TechAhead Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 comes with a 0 cycle count and is completely brand new. The battery is of great quality and has been made using premium materials. It is compatible with all carriers and colors of the iPhone 5 only.

The battery comes along with the necessary tools and parts that are required to open the iPhone and replace the battery, as the process is internal and will require some very minimal technical skills.

ScandiTech Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 - 1440mAh

The ScandiTech Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 is a high capacity 3.8V 1440 mAH Li-ion battery that is compatible only with the iPhone 5 models – A1428, A1429 and A1442 (not 5S or 5C). It is easy to install and comes with a set of helpful tips and instructions that will give you the best ways to get the maximum out of your new battery.

The installation and replacement of this new battery will in no way harm or delete any data on the iPhone. The tools necessary for the process are also provided with the battery and requires minimum to no technical skills.