Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 4

When the battery of your iPhone gets old, it becomes difficult to maintain the same amount of battery life it has when you first bought it. But changing your phone every time the battery drains out faster isn’t possible for everyone.

While you always have the option of using power banks and charging cases for your iPhone, the best way to combat the problem us by replacing the internal battery for iPhone 4.

Here are some great options for you to choose from, which are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Battery+ Replacement Battery for iPhone 4 – 1420mAh

The Battery+ Replacement Battery for iPhone 4 is compatible with only the Apple iPhone 4 4GB, 16GB and 32GB model A1332 or A1349 and does not fit the iPhone 4S. It is a zero cycle and brand new battery that is 3.7V 1420mAh Li-ion, allowing users to replace an older one and increasing the battery life of the phone.

The replacement battery comes with a set of tools that will help you in changing the battery easily and without then need for technical assistance.

Daeta Replacement Battery for iPhone 4 – 1420mAh

The Daeta Replacement Battery for iPhone 4 is a 1420mAh 3.5 inches 3.7V Li-Ion Battery and it comes with a complete tool kit to help replace the internal battery of the iPhone. It comes with – Pentalobe star screwdriver, Philips #000 screwdriver, SIM card ejector tool, microfiber cloth and two plastic prytools. This is a great option for when your iPhone’s original battery becomes over used and starts losing life quickly.

The replacement battery is high quality and has a zero cycle, with the same 1420mAh capacity as the OEM original one. It also comes with a 90-Day money back guarantee.