GadFull Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The GadFull Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been made in correspondence with the original EB-BN910BBE battery made in 2018, making it a problem-free compatibility. It works with multiple carriers and Galaxy Note 4 variants such as SM-N910F / SM-N9100 / SM-N910U / SM-N910C / SM-N910H / SM-N910A.

The Lithium-Ion battery comes with a capacity of 3220 mAh and voltage of 3.85V, and is best known for its long lasting charge. It has been created under strict quality control, which means the replacement battery is of great quality and very efficient. It also has no Memory-Effect, and will work at full capacity even though it has only been charged partly. With its 100% custom fit, users can buy this replacement battery to keep as an extra or to replace the present original battery when needed.